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Long range and deliberate. The spear is an ideal weapon for space control, and keeping out your opponent. A great weapon for King of the hill.

Side Attack

This attack is a long range poke that moves the player forward a bit. This attack combos into itself and is extremely dangerous against a cornered opponent. 

Up Attack

An upward angled attack that excels at hitting opponents out of the air. Use this attack to defend yourself from players who are prone to jumping in on you, or trying to air dash over your head.

Down Attack

Very similar to the up attack, except downward angled. A great tool for ledge guarding. When used in the air the player performs a dive. On hit the dive can combo into other attacks, and is very good at crossing up a blocking opponent. 


Just poke them. That’s what spear does, and that’s what it wants to do. Spear is the ultimate weapon for those who like to play keep out. Your opponent will have a hard time getting in on you as long as you know how to respond accordingly.


Opponents who attack from the front can easily be kept out with forward attacks while more tricky enemies can usually have their options covered by up attacks if they place themselves into the air a lot. The scariest thing about spear is its down attack which when used on the ground isn’t anything special. But when used in the air, it becomes a powerful divekick that’s hard to defend against and punish.


Spear playing keep out mostly means it supports a defensive playstyle, but its range goes both ways and turns it into a powerful mixture of defense and offense for players who want to torment their opponent with relentless poking.

Frame Data

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