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The Sword is the default weapon in Knight Club. It is well rounded, with mid ranged attacks and damage. This is a great beginner weapon to use when playing for the first time. 

Side Attack

About as basic as an attack gets, the side attack is a mid ranged poke that can combo into itself at close range. 

Up Attack

One of the things that makes the sword unique is the up attack. Players leap into the air in the direction they are facing, and attack below them at the peak of the jump. This attack has a very wide hitbox, which makes it very forgiving and easy to space. The attack button can be held to delay the attack whenever the player releases the button. If the attack button is not released, the player will land on the ground and return to neutral. When performing this attack in the air, it can act as a double jump, allowing players to reach platforms that they normally wouldn't be able to reach.

This attack is great for jumping over and punishing side attacks, and crossing up players who are blocking. 

Down Attack

The sword down attack is used primarily for trying to hit opponents that are below you. If you are able to hit a grounded opponent, you can easily combo after the hit. The hitbox is somewhat narrow, and can't really hit anyone that isn't directly below or touching the attacking player.


Versatile, can be a stray hitter or a powerful combo styled weapon. The main strategy is to take advantage of its great speed and decent range to close in on opponents quickly and land some powerful combos.


Knowing how to use the up attack is essential for sword players due to the special advantage that it provides that only one other weapon does, being the ability to essentially double jump. But on sword it also serves as a horizontal movement option that allows you to change the direction of your dash jump on a whim.


Sword is very position dependant as it requires precision to perform extended combos and must take advantage of its unique mobility to get the edge over weapons with greater reach.

Frame Data

* Recovery is variable, since players can hold the button and release whenever they want to.

** Landing recovery is 0 if the attack is never initiated.

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