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game modes

Learn all about the various game modes in Knight Club. How to play, and more importantly, how to win.


The core of knight club. Master your weapon and do battle against friend and foe alike in this highly competitive game mode. The name of the game is to KO your opponents and be the last man, or last team, standing. Before the match starts you will be able to adjust the time limit, and number of stocks each player has before they are knocked out of the match. This is Knight Club in its purest form.

party time

Not in a competitive mood? Check out party time! everyone does double damage so matches fly by, perfect for passing the controller around the party. This mode has all of the same rules and options as Versus

king of the hill

A classic mode in any competitive game! In King of the Hill you will try to keep your enemies out of a score zone while trying to rack up points. Stand your ground and dominate! When playing as a team, the points you gain are not added together! Use this to your advantage to have a roaming attacker and a zone defender.


Someone has to rule. Why not you? In this affluent game of hot potato, players must pick up and hold onto a crown for as long as possible! Dodge, dash, and juke your way to victory! Just like in King of the Hill, team points are not cumulative. Coordinate with your team to have a designated Crown Holder and a body guard!

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