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advanced techniques

Ready to graduate from lowly serf to full fledged knight? Here you will learn all about the advanced movement and combo options in Knight Club.

Advanced Dashing

Wave Dashing

The ultimate movement option. By pressing down during a dash, a player can instantly cancel the dash. This can be performed at any time during the dash before the dash enters recovery. By doing this in rapid succession players are able to cover distance much faster than normal. Wave dashing can only be performed on the ground.

Dash Cancel

By attacking or jumping during a dash, players are able to cancel their dash early and transition immediately into an attack or a dash jump. A dash jump is a unique jump that cannot be controlled in the air, but retains the players dash momentum while jumping. A dash jump cannot be performed in the air, as there is no air jump in Knight Club.

When cancelling a dash into an attack, the player can only attack in the direction they are facing, with one exception. The dagger has the ability to turn and attack in the opposite direction when cancelling out of a dash. Up and down attacks can be performed, but will be performed in the direction the player is facing.

Landing Cancel

When a player has performed an air attack, and that attack hits an opponent, the player will not enter the recovery state when landing on the ground. This means that a follow up attack can be immediately performed after landing. 

Advancing Guard

Normally you cannot cancel a dash into blocking. However if you cancel the dash by tapping down, and hold the block button while doing so, you will immediately ​block. This will also allow you to slide forward a bit, carrying your dash momentum while advancing toward your opponent while in the block state. This can also be done in the air by holding block during your dash. Remember that an air dash cannot be cancelled by tapping down. You can also cancel your dash, turn, and block in the opposite direction.

Cross ups

While blocking, it is possible to be hit from behind by a player that is facing you. This is known as a Cross Up, and it is triggered when an opponent hits you behind your shield. For a cross up to work, the opponent must be on the opposite side of your characters center point, in the opposite direction you are blocking. Some weapons are very good at scoring cross ups, such as the Axe and Spear. 

Delayed wakeup

After a player is knocked airborne, they will automatically recover from hitstun on the first available frame. However, that recovery can be delayed indefinitely by holding the jump button while in hitstun. This can be useful to bait your opponent into trying to attack you under different circumstances. 


None of this making sense? 

Head over to the basics section and start there!

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