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Slow and destructive. The axe features enormous hitboxes, and massive damage. splitting skulls has never been easier.

Side Attack

This attack has a giant hitbox that extends behind the player. An axe user doesn't even have to turn around to inflict pain.

Up Attack

Continuing the theme of giant hitboxes that extend behind the player, the up attack offers full coverage destruction. A great anti air attack that is capable of dealing with multiple opponents at once. 

Down Attack

Another giant attack from the axe. This downward angled attack is a very strong jump in, and ledge guarding tool. Of course, this attack also hits behind the axe user.


A hard hitting, stray hitting, rear hitting, machine of destruction. Who needs combos when every single attack covers your backside while also hitting like a truck speeding down a mountain on skees? Hyperbole aside, the strategy with axe is spacing and timing.


When playing axe, it is important to understand your opponent more than anything because to make the most out of axe’s advantages, you have to know how they will react. Being the slowest weapon means that it is low on the priority list in any close quarters exchange in tight spaces.


So with axe it is most important to balance offensive play and defensive play, since you won’t always have an opportunity to throw out attacks. That doesn’t mean you can’t play hard offense though as overwhelming your opponent with sheer range can be enough to scare them and make them wary of approaching you. Knowing how to take advantage of those backwards hitboxes is key.

Frame Data

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