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Fast and dangerous. The dagger is for those who like to out maneuver and rush down their opponents.

Special Properties

Unlike other weapons, the dagger is able to attack in the opposite direction the player is moving when performing an attack cancel from a dash. This makes it extremely good at dashing through opponents and scoring a back stab, or mixing up a blocking opponent. 

Side Attack

Very short range, but extremely fast. This attack can combo into itself at close range. The base damage isn't very high, but given that the dagger has special properties when dash cancelling, it is easy to score a back stab. 

Up Attack

This flying uppercut attack is extremely damaging, hits multiple times, and is deadly in tight spaces. If this attack is blocked, or whiffed, the dagger player is wide open for a counter attack. If the player lands on the ground early after attacking, they will enter landing recovery. 

Down Attack

The down attack is great for dash jump attacks, as it hits down and forward in front of the player. This move can combo into itself if players dash between the attacks, and can easily combo into the up attack.


A powerful mix of hit and run and hard punishes for an opponent’s mistakes. Easily has the most lenient combo game due to how fast its attacks are and how easily one can link into another with the exception of the up attack.


Like sword, dagger’s up attack propels it upwards essentially functioning as a second jump, but while sword’s is more oriented towards horizontal movement, dagger’s is more oriented towards vertical which is a key difference.


This allows it to not only chase opponents who escape into the air, but to also catch opponents who attempt to attack from the air and cancel out their attack. Dagger’s ability to dash cancel into attacks in the opposite direction gives it a terrifying offensive pressure against shields that goes unmatched by any weapon.

Frame Data

* Recovery is variable, since players will enter recovery when landing on the ground.

** Landing recovery is determined by the amount of time the player was in the air before landing on the ground.

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